Time Management & Planning

The way you manage your time is very important in achieving your goals. Start your exam preparation by drawing up a study time table and stick to your study times. A soccer coach needs a game plan to win a match; a traveller to a foreign land needs a road map to find places and as a student you need to be smart and plan your time and strategy.

Make Summaries

Why should you summarise? Summaries help you to condense a large amount of information and makes memorising easier. Summarise the main points and there would be much less to learn.

Memory techniques

Use rhymes, acronyms, mnemonics, stories and pictures to help you remember and jog your memory. Example of an acronym: Aids= Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome. Example of Mnemonic for the nine planets of the solar system: My Very Elegant Mother Just Skipped Up Nine Planets = Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.


You forget about 20-30% of what you learnt within 24 hours and about 80-90% within seven days. Therefore constant revision is absolutely necessary to store concepts in your memory.

Use Mind Maps

Mind maps such as tree branching and spider maps helps you summarise a lot of information and gives you a visual picture which would help you memorise and jog your memory. The following mind map is an example.